Baked Goods


We serve house-made baked goods – like our very popular basque cheesecake. Keep your eyes open for our seasonal cheesecakes and other goodies too!

Classic Basque Cheesecake
Our house-made basque cheesecake is one of our most popular menu items. It’s smooth and rich without being too heavy.

Kabocha Cheesecake (Seasonal)
Available for a limited time in the fall season, our house-made kabocha basque cheesecake will satisfy your craving for that special autumn treat.
(out of season)


We now serve freshly baked home made bagels! Try a variety of flavors! We usually have a fruit and nut bagel, and a savory option for all types of tastes.

Fresh Bagels
We have a variety of flavors of bagels for every craving you might have. We even have bagel sandwiches!
(¥200 – ¥350)